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I was born and raised on a farm in southern Minnesota.  At that time, we had cattle, sheep, hogs, chickens, ducks and at one time a feisty pony.  Instead of playing with dolls, I played with plastic horses. 

Dale Evans and her horse

Buttermilk (Roy Rogers wife).

Matt Dillion and his horse Buck. 

Tonto and his pinto horse, Scout. 

I'd rather be outside, with the animals, or in the barns. 

We showed animals at the county fair

We had little money and while still in high school Jim was able to buy a few horses. Horse shows in our area were Western Pleasure, one of the games called ‘the shovel race” was hilarious.

I married my husband, Dennis Highby, his lifework has been sporting goods, hunting and fishing. We have 4 children and 13 grandchildren.

I have always been a cowgirl at heart!

Linda Highby


I was raised on an acreage in Eastern South Dakota. My dad, Jim Bevier has raised horses my entire life so my interest in horses started at a very young age. I was my dad’s side kick for chores when I was barely able to carry the water buckets.

I have shown horses in 4H and started buying king Ranch mares when I was in High School. When I was sixteen I purchased my first King Ranch mare, Annabelle Lea daughter of Peppy San Badger and Docs Yuba Lea.

My dad, Jim Bevier has been my business partner and mentor. We expanded our breeding program with the purchase of the following mares: Lil Tenina, Nada Peppy, Pobre Shelly, Playboys Emerald, and Royal Lenabell. I believe in breeding to proven quality mares to continue their bloodlines.

Our breeding program continues to grow and includes the mares: Dual Doc Starlight, Miss Dual Echo, Tenina Cash, Haida Anita, Meradas Jazabell, CD Affair, and

A Stylish Affair. My aunt, Linda Highby has recently partnered with us and we are fortunate to add her mare Kittys Lockett to our breeding mares.

Our program continues to expand with colts from some of the finest cutting mare bloodlines. I look forward to being a partner in the Blue Eagle Ranch with my dad and aunt Linda Highby.


I have always had a passion for horses. I started breaking horses in high School and throughout college for other individuals. My interest for horses and livestock was a part of my rural upbringing growing up on a farm in Western Minnesota. I worked in the livestock industry for 54 years at various livestock firms at the Sioux Falls, South Dakota stockyards. I managed Central Livestock for 10 years buying and selling cattle for farmers and ranchers throughout South Dakota, Western Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska.

In 1977 when I married my wife, Peggy we moved to an acreage in Eastern South Dakota and had the opportunity to raise Quarter horses. I have riden, broken and bred horses my entire life. I shared my passion for horses with my son, Ryan when he was very young.

Ryan and I have been partners in our horse breeding program for 22 years. We both believe in promoting the quality bloodlines found in King Ranch Horses and have based our breeding program on this belief.

Ryan and I recently partnered with my sister, Linda Highby when she purchased Kittys Lockett. Our breeding stock continues to expand with colts from some of the finest cutting mare bloodlines. My belief is that good mares are hard to find and great broodmares take time to prove and their pedigrees speak for themselves.

My son, Ryan and sister Linda have founded the Blue Eagle Ranch and invite you to view our website for some of the finest colts,

A Cowboy at Heart,

Jim Bevier

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